The original Magic Carpet album has become a sought after item on the collectors' market and Magic Carpet Records officially re-released the album on CD and limited edition vinyl (MC1001CD & MC1001LP). The LP re-release quickly sold out and has become collectable in its own right; it was pressed from the original tapes on top rate EMI heavy-weight vinyl.

The growing audience who appreciated the Magic Carpet sound soon asked the question would Magic Carpet be getting back together? Was there any more Magic Carpet material hidden in the vaults? After a lengthy gap, the four met up again. Jim was no longer performing in public and Keshav had retired, but Clem and Alisha were still playing professionally and it seemed like a natural step to do another album, referred to as the 'rush follow-up'! In 1996 they recorded the album Once Moor (subtitle Magic Carpet II) released on the Magic Carpet Records label (MC1004CD & MC1004LP).

Once Moor consists mostly of songs with some instrumental tracks, the line-up being voice, guitar, sitar, tamboura and tabla. The album was pressed on best quality EMI heavy-weight vinyl as well as on CD, with a full-length classical raga as the bonus track for the CD version. Both CD booklet and LP sleeve contain all the lyrics plus original art work by Alisha. With eerie serendipity, shortly before the release of Once Moor , the band found a real 'Magic Carpet' – an Afghan rug with two Baraq images, the half-horse half-woman image depicted on the front of the original Magic Carpet LP cover. Check it out! You can buy the CD or the LP from the Shop below.


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